Saturday, 9 October 2010

More Wee Friends Vehicles.

Here are some of the other Vehicles from My range of 1/76th scale models.

WV7612 Bedford MWD 15cwt, 4x2 Gs Truck.

WV7621 Bedford MWC 15cwt, 4x2 Radio Truck.

WV7608 Austin K2 30cwt, 4x2, General serice truk with Wooden cargo body.

WV7610 Austin K2 30cwt, 4x2, RAF Workshop Truck.

WV7601 USMC LAV 25 (Early Version) Armoured Car.



More photos of the BRDM 2

Wee Friends WV7605 Soviet BRDM 2 Scout Car

Here is the first image of the Soviet BRDM 2 Scout car. That I now produce.

This kit was originally mastered by Tim Neate and was available from CMSC. The model is a resin and white metal Multi Media kit in 1/76th scale. this is the first version which is a Late Production Variant. I am hoping to follow this with additional versions.

Wee Friends Vehicles.

Hello world.

I decided it was time to do another update on my Blog. In otherwords I keep forgetting to update it. DOH.

The new Website at is starting to be updated, and I have listed some of the old CMSC Vehicles I took over production off.

Next weekend will see me travelling to the Scale Model Challenge in Eindhovan in Holland and the week after at the Glasgow model show.

Hopefully I will be able to meet some of you at either event.

Well Thats all for today unless I figure out how to upload photos again



Saturday, 13 February 2010

Modelling and Wargaming

Wargaming sites.

As I have already mentioned today, I have been doing some research on Modelling in Small Scale again. I have found the following sites to be very helpful.

Both of these sites have been very good, and the Scottish Gaming Forum is well worth a visit, a lot of small-scale modellers also do War Gaming on the side.

There is a very active Scottish War Gaming scene, which the site promotes, and they are very well organized, giving details of local events through out Scotland.

Organizations for modellers.

MAFVA stands for miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicles Association. Which is a group of modellers and researchers dedicated to the modelling and history of Military Vehicles from all Nations and eras. They publish the excellent Tankette Magazine and have clubs in the UK. Their annual Modelling meeting is held in the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. This year’s show is on Sunday 6th June – check out this link for more details 2010 MAFVA Nationals

IPMS Stands for International Plastic Modelling Society

A truly World wide organization for scale modellers who hold the Uks Largest model show called scale model world held every year at Telford.

Check out there site at for more details.

The Scottish Modelling scenes main show is held every year in Perth at the Dewars Ice Rink. See their site at

The Scottish Nats are known as the friendly show and is the major Scottish modelling event of the year with all the local model clubs putting on displays.

My own Local Model Club Lothian Modellers Club and Edinburgh IPMS have to move premises due to our existing venue the Royal Engineers club closing down at the end of this month. We are currently looking for a new home for the club in Central Edinburgh. I will post details once we have found a new home.


Hi Paul this is for you mate. My Only Follower so far ;-(

Anyway as you have guessed your email this morning has made me look at this again. Hopefully the link to my homepage will direct you to the new website

Recently I have been selling modelling kits, decals, figures, books etc on Ebay

I have also recently started a shop on Delcampe.

Unfortunately most modellers and war gamers don't know about this excellent site yet, It site is aimed at collectors of Post Cards and Stamps, and like ebay is a online auction site.

What isn't well known is that they have a other collections section which includes scale modelling, the real beauty of this is for a sellers point of view is that you can list your whole Collection, and they do not charge you a listing fee until you get a bid on any of the items, which unlike ebay who charge you a listing fee. This means you don't have to worry about something not selling and being due a fee.

My Delcamps store can be found at.
I also sell some postcards on there as well.

More recently I have been looking at expanding my Wee Friends 1/72nd scale range of figures and accessories. This has taken a lot of time to look at the market and see what is available and required, my next set of figures will be a Modern IDF 5 man infantry set, armed with M4 Assault rifles. Hopefully these will be available in resin first and will be released at Trucks and Tracks in Folkestone at the end of the month.

Show dates.

Friendship Models will be at the following shows.

Huddersfield 2010

Huddersfield Sports Centre

Trucks and Tracks.
Lees Cliff Hall
Folkestone Kent 26/27/28. 02.2010

As usual you can find me in the Southcliff Hotel bar out with the show.

Traders Fayre
In connection with
Aviation and Military Book Centre
Cammett Ltd
S B Models
Lansdowne Suite at the Premier Inn
Parkhouse Road